Everyone Needs An Estate Plan

When many people hear "estate plan," they think expensive home and sophisticated investment portfolio. Some may think, "I don't need an estate plan, I'm not rich." But an estate plan can help you and your family plan for your future. And your family or heirs will greatly appreciate you setting your affairs in order with a comprehensive estate plan.

Your estate may not be as complex as certain members of a family that owns a retail store chain from Arkansas, but you still want the proper documents completed accurately and to have the reassurance that comes from speaking with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney.

Why You Want An Estate Plan

If you don't create an estate plan or a will, your property will pass "intestate." The intestate succession laws are created by the legislature and are a "best guess" at what most people may want or need. The problem is, every family and estate is unique. Some parts may be okay, while others may not serve your best interests.

When you meet with our attorney at Havner Legal Services on the Go, we will discuss all the relevant documents for your will, powers of attorney, trusts or health care directives and personalize them for your specific needs.

Estate Plans That Are Affordable

Most importantly, our estate plans, like all our legal services, won't break your bank. Our services are designed to help people with the legal needs they have without charging a high price. You won't be paying for a fancy office or associate lawyers to learn about the law at your expense. You receive the documents you need, from our experienced attorney, at a reasonable cost.

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