Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney may be a document that you don't realize you should have. This instrument grants authority (power) to another individual to act for you. You may think, why would I need such a thing? Our attorney at Havner Legal Services on the Go can explain how it works and when it would be beneficial to have one. If you know you need a power of attorney, we can help you obtain one for a reasonable cost.

Power of attorney is a strange name for a very useful legal instrument. It is known as power of attorney because it authorizes an individual to act for you, like how an attorney represents and acts for you in court.

For A Single Transaction

A power of attorney may be created for a specific task or transaction and the authority to act terminates once that transaction is complete. for instance, at a real estate closing which occurs when you are out of Arkansas or otherwise unavailable, you could allow someone to sign the documents in your place.

Or they can be for longer periods of time with greater authority, such as if you needed to travel for business or were away for an extended period taking care of a family member, you could authorize someone to pay your bills or take care of some element of your business.

Do You Need A Durable Power Of Attorney?

General powers of attorney are terminated when you die or are incapacitated, so in that instance, a durable power of attorney allows a designated person the authority to have access to your bank accounts or make healthcare decisions while you are incapacitated or to supervise your affairs after your death during the probate process.

Our lawyer can help you create a cost-effective power of attorney when you need it at a price that is reasonable.

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