Simple Trusts

Trusts sound difficult. Something a wealthy family like the Rockefellers or Waltons would need. Yes, they likely have some very sophisticated trusts protecting their immense wealth. But you don't need to have that kind of money to use a trust. A trust can be created for virtually any purpose and you might find out that one could be useful for your estate.

Affordable Trusts From An Experienced Attorney

But you should speak with an attorney about an estate plan. That can be intimidating. You worry if it will cost more than it is worth? No! At Havner Legal Services on the Go, we've created legal services for everyday issues, like creating an estate plan or a simple trust.

Our attorney offers a free initial consultation, to make certain the legal services we provide are right for you and your family, and we price them so they are affordable and won't break your bank. This means you can protect your family with legal instruments like a trust at a price that is surprisingly affordable.

How Can You Tell If You Need A Trust

Because trusts are so flexible, they can be used for a great many purposes. How do you know if you need one? The need for a living trust often comes up during discussions of a comprehensive estate plan.

If you have sufficient assets, have potential concerns regarding who will inherit your property, have a child with special needs or even if a child or grandchild may have dependencies that would cause you to worry about their dissipating the assets, a trust can be very useful.

Our lawyer can review your situation and help you determine if a trust would serve your purposes and goal. And if you already have an estate plan or a trust and you need to update your plan due to changes in your health or family, we can help.

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