Simple Wills

Get a will. It really is that simple. And even if you need only a simple will, that will be much better than nothing. But encouraging people to go to a lawyer and talk about a will is difficult. No one really wants to discuss their own demise and most are worried about the cost of an expensive attorney.

Some may try and buy a printed form or software to create a will. But are you certain you fully understand the questions and the consequences of your answers? At Havner Legal Services on the Go, we can put your concerns to rest and help you get a valid will at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

You Want Control

An important reason why you want to create a will is that it allows you to control the distribution of your assets. It also allows you to do such things as prevent some people who would receive some of your property in intestate succession from obtaining that share. You also relieve your family and heirs of the stress and difficulties of dealing with all the questions that occur during the probate of an intestate estate.

You also can head off any challenges from disgruntled heirs when a valid will is produced that clearly states your intentions. You can also minimize taxes and other costs, because your plans are clearly identified.

You Never Know About The Future

Some people put off drafting a will because they are young and believe they have decades to live. But everyone who drives on any street or highway is always at risk to some negligent driver. No one wants to think about that, but the danger is real. Who would raise your children? A simple will can prevent the random selection by a judge of a parent for your children. We can also help you with a living will or health care directive.

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