Should I Have An Attorney Look At This?

Not every legal issue involves extreme or desperate situations. But many times in your life, you will run into circumstances where there are legal implications and you wonder "Do I need an attorney?" It would be reassuring to have an experienced attorney review your issue and let you know what they think.

Buying a home, dealing with an uncontested divorce, writing a will or buying some real estate or other legal contracts can be complex and the material may be hard to understand. After all, you are not trained as a lawyer. Chances are the document was written by a lawyer, so having a lawyer explain it to you makes a lot of sense.

How A Lawyer Can Help

The law is made up of many elements. There are statutes, passed by a legislature. There are regulations and rules, created by agencies. And there are court interpretations of both of those items. The reason why lawyers are often expensive is depending on the facts of a situation, they may have to review all those areas and make interpretations and judgment calls on what it all means.

But for many legal issues, things are much clearer. A straightforward contract may only be a page or two in length. A simple will may only run a couple of pages. When dealing with a simple legal transaction, the full resources of a law firm are more than is needed.

The Legal Services You Need

Havner Legal Services on the Go was created for these transactions, where you don't have a lot of complexity and don't need to resort to hundreds of dollars of legal expertise, but you still need the assistance of an attorney.

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