Simple Contracts

At the center of virtually every business transaction is a contract. In Arkansas, a contract can be oral or written, and maybe only a few lines long, or may stretch over dozens of pages. They can involve something as trivial as mowing the lawn next week or may last for decades in a long-term lease.

What Is A Contract?

It's a legal, binding agreement between at least two parties. The key to a valid contract is it must contain the recognized elements of a contract. Those elements are typically described as

  • An offer
  • An acceptance
  • Consideration
  • The essential terms are known to the parties

Do You Understand Your Contracts?

Of course, because there are an infinite number of ways in which people can make an offer and agreement, even a simple contract could contain surprises for the unwary. It makes sense that any time you are making a deal with someone for more than a few dollars that you may want to have an attorney provide or review your contract.

At Havner Legal Services on the Go, we provide the assurance at a reasonable cost that your deal is documented by an experienced attorney who understands contract law. A mistake, a missing term or an ambiguity in a contract can be damaging to your business, and it is money well spent to prevent the immense costs of litigation by having your contracts or deals drafted or reviewed by a lawyer.

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