Simple Legal Documents

The world is made up of legal documents that do many things. When you sign up for a credit card, buy a car or home or hire someone to mow your lawn or replace your roof, you are signing a contract. These documents can range from a single page to dozens of pages.

Other simple legal documents include items such as affidavits, demand letters, notices, wills, trusts, offers or any document that needs to be notarized. At Havner Legal Services on the Go, we can help you with any of these needs.

Google Or A Real Attorney?

With the internet, you can often find forms or examples. They may provide sample language or they may be more of an outline. You can save paying an attorney and do it yourself. But will that really save you any money? The trouble is if you are not 100 percent certain you understand all the terms of a contract or what you are being asked to attest in an affidavit, you may be setting yourself up for expensive problems in the future.

We Can Review Your Legal Documents For An Affordable Cost

Legal documents can be deceiving. You recognize that a 30-page contract is complex and may contain sections that you don't fully understand. But what about a one-page affidavit? It is a sworn document that attests to some set of facts and it can be used as evidence in court. If you don't fully understand the facts you are attesting to, it could lead to additional difficulties. A mistake on an affidavit could lead to a prosecution for perjury.

Our Legal Help Won't Break Your Bank

Our lawyer can review or draft any of these simple legal documents and ensure that you avoid the risks that can come from using things you find on the internet that may or may not meet your needs.

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